How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop

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If your Windows 10 PC is getting slower and slower, or you come across some serious system errors and your PC can’t work normally as usual, you could choose factory reset Windows 10. Here’s a guide on how to factory reset a Windows 10 laptop or desktop.


1. Factory Reset a Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop

It is very easy to factory reset a Windows 10 laptop or desktop, just follow the steps below to reset Windows 10, applied to all brands of laptop or desktop, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Gateway, etc.

Step 1.Click the “Start Menu”, and click Settings.

Step 2. Select “Update & Security”.


3. In the left pane, click “Recovery”.


4. There are 3 options: Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build, and Advanced startup. Just click “Reset this PC”.


5. Click “Get Started” to rest your Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

6. You will be presented with two options: “Keep my files” or “Remove everything”. Click "Keep my files" or "Remove everything”.

Note: The former setting will uninstall all programs (including Windows 10 drivers you have installed), but your files (including documents, photos, movies, etc.) won’t be deleted. The latter setting will remove all your files.

7. Select "Just remove my files" or "Remove files and clean the drive".

8. ClickNext” if Windows warns you that you won't be able to roll back to a prior version of the OS.

9. Click “Reset” and Windows will start to factory reset your Windows 10 PC. This process will take a couple of minutes.

10. Click “Continue” when you are prompted.

2. Download Windows 10 Drivers with Driver Talent

Once you factory reset your Windows 10 laptop or PC, you need to download the suitable Windows 10 drivers. To save time and efficiency, a professional driver update utility tool could greatly help you do it, and Driver Talent is highly recommended which could automatically download and install all the right Windows 10 drivers for your laptop or desktop.

Click the button below to grab Driver Talent directly.

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Here are 3 straightforward steps to use Driver Talent to download and install the latest Windows 10 drivers after you factory reset Windows 10, including 32-bit and 64 bit versions.

Step 1. Scan Your PC

Launch Driver Talent. Driver Talent will make a safe scan of your PC. All drivers you need to be installed will show up in seconds.

factory reset a windows 10 laptop or desktop

Step 2. Download and Install Windows 10 Drivers

Driver Talent will automatically download and install the most compatible Windows 10 drivers for your desktop or laptop in the background.

reset windows 10 to factory settings

Step 3. Reboot Your PC

Remember to reboot your PC to allow all changes take effect.

For more specific instructions of Windows 10 drivers download and update, you could check out the User Guide of Driver Talent.

Note: Keep in mind that back up you Windows 10 drivers with Driver Talent in case of driver crashes.

Apart from being a driver download and update utility, Drive Talent packs other advanced features, such as drivers restore, drivers uninstall, system restore, drivers pre-download for another PC, PC Repair (no sound, no video, no Wi-Fi etc.), DLL files repair, hardware detection, VR support check and PC speed up, etc.

If you are not able to factory reset a Windows 10 laptop or desktop, just leave comments in the comment section below for further assistance. You could also go to the OSToto forum for further discussion.

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