Excellent software , Highly recommended

April 19, 2017    -- By Shadi

I was stuck the last few days with an error in my keyboard driver after Windows 10 updates. my keyboard was not working and my touchpad either. I I tried hard many options to resolve the problem but none of them worked. Accidently and LUCKILY I came across DriverTalent and it resolves the driver error in few minutes and now my laptop keyboard and touchpad are working perfectly.  Thank you so much and for all the talented people behind this amazing software.

Worthy to use

December 28, 2016    -- By Carlos

I can't image that driver installing in Windows can be so easy before I use Drive Talent. This program help me install drivers on Windows 10 with few minutes. It is worthy to use.

The best tool to fix driver issues

December 28, 2016    -- By Joan

I install the Realtek driver by Driver Talent and it helps me resolve my Realtek audio not working problem. It is very helpful!


Driver Talent makes my computer full-blooded

December 28, 2016    -- By Peter

I like the interface. After updated or repaired those faulty drivers by Driver Talent, my computer runs much more smoothly than before.


A Talent for driver troubleshooting

December 28, 2016    -- By Anthony Bennett

I like one-click driver issues troubleshooting with Driver Talent, handy and speedy.


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