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If you have a blog, a website, or even a Youtube Channel, a Stumbleupon page, and want to make more profit, you may join us and become an affiliate of OSToto product.


Boost traffic to your website

Earn up to 75% commission rate

Competitive price in the industry

Customized text ads or advertising banners support

OSToto Reseller program enables distributor or reseller to make high profits by selling OSToto product in specific countries or regions. Since every local market and business requires attentions, we are looking for loyal and reliable resellers/distributors to sell our products in specific regions. OSToto provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

Our Conditions

In order to keep OSToto a good reputation and customer satisfying, common efforts are indispensable. Thus, you should reach consensus with us about the below conditions if you want to join us as the distribution partner.

The one who recognizes the value of OSToto and establishes long-term business relationship with OSToto.

The one, no matter individual or enterprise, who has strong financial ability & experience to run the business.

The one who is willing to comply with OSToto marketing discipline & pricing rules in specific markets

The one who is honest and provides good pre-sales, sales and after-sales service to end-users

If you have other innovative ideas of establishing any level of partnerships with OSToto, please feel free to let us know. We appreciate any of your interest and support. Submit your proposal to contact#ostoto.com (Replace # with @)

How to Become an OSToto Affiliate

Sign up: It is easy and totally free to sign up OSToto affiliate program. Our publisher ID on Share-It is 200252026

Fill the form and you can get all things done

After our approval, you can advertise the products to your customers immediately

Get paid for fulfilled orders

Commission Rate

Commission rate depends on the monthly sales performance. Details are as below:

How to Get More Extra Commission?

Promote our products on your homepage.

Share our software on your Faceboook, Twitter YouTube Chanel with videos, RSS, etc.

Write a review or article with do-follow link and place it on your website.

Advertise OSToto software via paid search or display ads.

Bundle OSToto software in your installer.

For more details, please contact us: affiliate#ostoto.com (Replace # with @)

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